denim’ pose

yeah man!it’s me, me&my girlfriend as a rapper’ song used to play.

What can be said, I’m a short-arm lady – please be kind not taking the exoression literally-, so as much as I’ve improved the ‘selfie-mood’, there are limits, something I appreciate a little, to stay the least.

Whatever! At this spring wearing that suit fitting better and better.

 – recovering bases – 

“Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, Chaos is being yourself.” Emile Cioran (did I ever mentioned how much I like this man?)


irredeemable aesthete


‘No me pierdas como una música fácil, no seas caricia ni
tállame como un sílex, desespérame.
Guarda tu amor humano, tu sonrisa, tu pelo. Dálos.
Ven a mí con tu cólera seca de fósforos y escamas.
Vomítame arena en la boca, rómpeme las fauces.
No me importa ignorarte en pleno día,
saber que juegas cara al sol y al hombre.’


Recognizing ‘me’

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Finally I took a rest!
and I also took a breath, and I am handling me hand by hand , my love for you with my worthiness to the next step in my life, my lonely but rich life, the one I have to pass now.
With the knowledge We have already lived our live, with the security we still have another live to enjoy together, whereas I have my heart huge and full of feeling and sense. -Wow, did I write something like that? I did it! That has made myself make blush, quite fun and therapeutic. What is to be the owner of an organ such essential as it is a heart, even knowing it is not my favourite one, I said, with the knowledge it works well it is the way I consider it has to… therapeutic, highly recommended.
I remember something,I had a light about this.

But finally, I am saying, finally I found me, once again, – yes, I have the bad habit of loosing my good side every now and then, for free, for nothing, never said I am perfect, so what?- I found me, that part of what I am that has sense and strengh and just the whole bunch of arms and tools to fight.

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People are people.


Whatsoever I wanna talk to someone new.

I wanna start fresh from hello and get to know what they wanna say.

The trick comes from the real fact there is a lot of people has nothing to say, and it goes hand by hand, the way I wanna walk with me as I said before creating the pic you are seeing in your mind, well, it goes with people that says an amazing quantity of words and sounds… It usually brings up to my mind ‘if you don’t understand my silence you won’t understand my words’, so I stay, I watch around, I take a pose sometimes, I go on.
There doesn’t have to be an attraction. Just someone to explore.

Someone who wants to figure me out … but with capacity to challenge me every single minute.

imageIn the meantime and when it happens, and after that, I will try to keep this, to feed the good one.


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“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too.
They live inside us,
and sometimes,
they win.”

Stephen King