february & branding stuff

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Whereas I am lying on a beach at the other side of the known world, another ocean, another life, enjoying the peak of a summer, the second summer in one year…, a weekly evolution of a storm’snow is going on as it seems…

The military presence, not sure about the support given, to say the least, put the situation in a kind’a ‘state of emergency’ not really encouraging the feeling of being secure against adversity.

It is after the hardest part of the storm, five to six days later snowing with no end, day and night, truly non-stop, that any beasts, wild, pets or domesticated ones, are craving for food, communication and action no matter what type of it.image image imageimage

Back to the point, seriously, here or there, no matter where I would be fisically or mentally, I need a lover, no matter what version, not even a brand new XXI’s  century version, just a, not so much talkative, lover.

What it is to get over a peaceful of soul, to write a name – we all know the importance of being named/branded, as a not at all subtle way of classification. -‘recurrent’, I know-.
I mean, I am realizing I’m talking alone … and I keep my spirit alive after eight days embedded with a house and a black cat.

All around is white.

All you see is falling snow all day all night.

Even knowing the risk of turning out the rope are higher and higher I just feel quiet. There is nothing to miss.
I am a big girl.

Approved attributes
and their relation to face
make every man his own jailer;
this is a fundamental social constraint
even though each man may like his cell.” 

Erving Goffmanimage


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