fairy dust

I am quite recurrent…my fault!
when trends come once and again, keeping everything attracting anything, I feel like improving outfits using what I have, much more if what is shown are really nice and cool garments.

let’s call it, vintage dress!




Also the way of walking is something personal, as it is the way someone poses. It changes an image, even being the same framework. It happens too when you look at a place with no people and later on you have to wacth it with someone, it changes. – I guess there is no so much mistery in which one would be my choice.


Here life is a flow, it has ups and downs, as much as I say to myself I am and I will be the captain of my soul then life comes up with its fate …. So sometimes at least I decide to use dust, a nice one, a fairy type of dust, the same dust we all will be reducing our differences to the same disgusting nothing.
imageLet me get this chance to expose a link to something that reveals a bit of what I’ve been writing every now and then, there is always a relationship among fashion as a banal thing and behave as a deep one. It is about yourself as a person.

they say
S..teping up to make a difference
H..elping hands reaching out
O..rganizing and championing change
E..ngaging and educating about abuse
S..houting to the world, “Let’s end the cycle of violence”.
“Be kinder than necessary because everyone we meet is fighting some kind of battle.”
And now, back to my own version of a woman, let’s finish this.



“When are you going to see that anywhere else? ‘I’m in a competition with you and I’m going to help you get through this because I want you to get through this.'”
—Bill Grundler


Hey tù..sì tù..algo que decir? Do it!

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