o tempora, o mores




Cicero said, and centuries later ‘inherit the wind’, considering the death of time and its unavoidable changes.
– Babe, you know you should not watch some kind of movies. You, stubborn lady, look as if you need someone to be your guardian-.

It is not fun to live with rules you have already realiced you simply deteste. In paralell – yes, We know (see) that is a word and a figure I enjoy a little, I know I can be recurrent…so what?-, it is not easy to confront some trends when you have already discovered what you like.
(I show some streetstyle conforming an amazing, to say the least, conjunction of decades & flows).

The title-phrase criticizes present-day attitudes and trends, doing it jokingly. It is used in the movie by a so cynical reporter, Hornbeck, and refers to the town’s backward attitude towards enlightened thinking.
Is there anything more sad than the actual use of the expression? It fits perfectly every now and then, used like playing Hornbeck role or no role at all.

The sweetest thing i’ve heard in quite a long time: they are laughing at me, Mother. I can’t stand they laugh at me!, exclaimed to his wife. She, after forty years, just take him on her arms and says ‘babe, be quiet’.
When the truth is… she is already missing how she has respected him for every second of their time.

Again the idealist embeded …

A month ago it was my day, a month ago i talked to you. it is not my obsession it is just as simple as it is a day, you can irremissibly remember each of the seconds of a moment or simply the hours dissapear no matter you scratch or erase them.























c’mon, be honest with me, aren’t you inside an american 80’s movie? It is truly amazing by the time disconcerting. I enjoy this as much as I get confused with styles or pretending-to-be- ways of life…..
We have to wait about 20 years to realize what’s up!




imageimage image












“They laugh at me because I’m different.

I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

Kurt Cobain


Hey tù..sì tù..algo que decir? Do it!

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