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    I found myself in a mood to display an article, trying not to qualify it, as much as it was published in a serious magazine could appear as a serious speech. I just leave that to your freedom of thought.
       However let me say it have turned out to be funny or solid depending on my humour, showy though, isn’t it?.

     â€œAs a species, humans manifest a quality called neoteny, the retention of juvenile characteristics into adulthood. Neoteny has physical ramifications—scarce body hair and a flat face are two examples—but it also has neurological ones. Namely, we have an extraordinary capacity to continue learning throughout life. If neoteny helps to explain our ability to learn, researchers are now figuring out what drives us to take advantage of it. In 2008, a group of scientists set up a novel fMRI study. 
When a sub­ject’s curiosity was piqued by a question (“What is the only country in the world that has a bill of rights for cows?” for instance), certain regions of the brain lit up. 
Those areas, known collectively as the basal ganglia, correspond to the brain’s reward centers—the same ones that govern our desire for sex or chocolate or total domination in Call of Duty 4. When people say they have an itch to figure something out, they’re not speaking metaphorically. 
They’re looking to get high on information. 
Curiosity, then, is not some romantic quality. It is an adaptive response. Humans may not be the fastest or strongest creatures, but through the blind luck of evolution, we developed the desire and capacity to continually update our understanding of the world. And that has allowed us to master it—or get darn close. 
Call it the biological basis for being a nerd.”
                  (From the April 2014 Issue Of Popular Science Magazine).
       Anyway, right now, far away from being ease to be a ‘nerd’ I do adore the curiosity of a cat. Absolutely uncontrolled and capable to expose itself but satisfying an instinct.
(In fact, I adore my black cat: iconic).

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