Chuck Taylor and a friend.




     Beyond its own History, there is a piece of other History, and also a piece of an story in each pair of ‘all-star’, the Chuck Taylor’s improvement, by Converse. They have been every now and then a choice for subcultures and now, once again, a trend.

There is an evidence of how much I enjoy finding something deeply cyclical, stylishly as much as personally.

      Then there is a trick that gives the ‘extra bonus’, a place and a friend remaining trough and accross the trend, waiting for their cycle or time.

But, still, this back is to the basic is far away from patterns or shapes, it comes over the simple white, the black, maybe the missed red.

    Night’s friends, day’s friends, night ones making up the day time. Sometimes it happens, through the time and not always the best moments in a lifetime, a blot but a fact, build up a relationship where the deepest questions are no needed.
    – Well, let me remark something, even the best have their stuff, have a look to my dear ‘mentecatodo‘, sooo cute till I want to learn how the h… is possible to put the blue letters where you can click and go to the point, called links. That is what happens when someone has skills you don’t, brrr!-
It doesn’t matter, I’ll get it. Be confidence.
In the meanwhile…
A little of ‘rock of oldies’ and a morning coffee at Rick’s builds up a trip!

And no matter what the progress 
Or what may yet be proved 
The simple facts of life are such 
They cannot be removed.’

     you must remember this. Herman Hupfeld.1931.

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