Bemused…for awhile.

      There is nothing I respect more than anyone living a life hand-by-hand of its beliefs.
      I do understand the ‘niqab’ as a faith, costum, resolution, or way of life.
      I do not understand gadgets, catwalk’s accessories, covering up women’s faces and their natural grimaces.
As a kid, I remember, old women wore black veils covering their beautiful grey almost white long hair gathered in a bun. It was related with mourning codes.
What makes sense, I guess, if it is to respect those who have left could be to be done to those who are still alive.
Then a veil that covers a grimace is more a mask that directs your gaze directly to the eyes beneath that, which is intense, but tough.
  With some frequency it is used on catwalks as a…whatever, who cares. MaisonMartinMargiela (see the example, no need of a bigger display. Whose latest collection is really ‘cool’,I must say) or Davidelfin (a brand I enjoy a lot and projects I like so much) on his arrival to the spanish catwalks, just to mention some of them, used this type of exhibit.
     Respect and tact should be, any time, any one, the substratum of any spectacle. Provoking is easy. An artist would be the one able to get impact as a result of its work or artwork, without infringe any principle. Considering such a huge amount of creeds and people…that is a challenge, isn’t it?
Fashion is culture. Nationality, culture, religion, custom is a heavy weight.
     The freight someone can support or an open mind, foreign culture, others behaviours, as well as my own culture, my common actions, adjusts mental development to reduce frontiers, but it does not remove what is settled inside as ‘normal'(undoubtely this is one of the ugliest words of a language, ever).
     When respect, going together with consciousness, gets into trouble with, more or less irrational, fears and mistrusts a custom is already exposed.
Something you’re used to, something you’re not used to, is humanbeing before rational being, that is to say a person.
I really like the world. It amazes me!
Each own unique and to oneself considered the best galaxy, unavoidably confined in this so little planet.
“Once in a while it is worth turning on the light to clarify what is going on.”
— Amos Oz


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