Love as a trend.Love is a trend.


I always wanted ‘to be somebody,now I realice I should be more specific’, let’s say I wanted to be ‘mujer florero’, as an old song titled. I did not understand what that meant, honestly, but, even not taken on its exclusive fault, I got it.

Poor babe, how wrong she was!

Now, when I will never ever be one of them I do wannabe, i want i want. How can I survive to such a reality?
   Does anybody out there know how a meaning, a unique breath, a uniquesoul, can be fed through a live? Does my own anxiety? It does.
   ‘I just adore you, babe’ must be taken as the newest and eternal ‘mantra’. Take the first step to the rest of your catwalk.
And now, let’s get the point.
    There are ‘in vogue’ looks and all that efhemeral and, from some perspectives, futile trends. They come and go as something momentary, cyclic, exactly the same that some live mistakes.
Then we have that part of fashion, for instance, ‘haute couture’, fashion constructed with extreme attention to detail, tailored just for the wearer’s measurements and body stance. Garments that remain through ages.
    We do not need of that excellence, so far.
     Love as a trend could appear like a non-define thing, but if you think about it for awhile… yes… see? I knew it, colours, sewing and mannequins come out.
Pieces in strong colour, perfectly fitted, curved, figuring out a classic, in terms of beauty, woman, elegant in a sofisticated wave….

    It is not the Valentino’s absolute rouge or a Dior but it is their red, the ‘rouge’, there is not anything more intense in terms of passion and love. And here, also, so spanish in a kinda’ Carmen(the Bizet’s one, of course) way, from ‘Dolores Promesas ‘, a spanish brand whose logos and ‘manifesto‘, let’s say a concrete part of it, can be something to use, every now and then.
     In the lover’s mood, we are talking about seduction, about passion, which are in fact an unbeatable substratum for power.
    So that, let’s use your make-up, here there is not a proper trend but the way you feel more yourself than ever. Or take the suitable lipstick and do forget the rest of any outfit, the ‘rouge 666’ – check ‘Rouge Dior, 60 years of attitude’ out, it’s inspired if you are not convinced already!-

But then, do you know what? Forget about all that stuff!

     Never revile lover’s mood.
     Go for basics, black and white. Dressed on fur, so in vogue right now, protect yourself from cold even though you were waiting for that lover, the one able to overcome the 2.3 version.
Watching such a thin line, the horizon…isn’t it a perfect frame? It is!
          ‘It’s only because of their stupidity that they’re able to be so sure of themselves. I just need few words with someone of the same social standing as myself and everything will be incomparably clearer, much clearer than a long conversation with these two can make it’.     The trial, Kafka.                                 


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