Sport casual mood!

 After years wearing in that way, now sportwear is more trendy than ever, and I just adore it!

    This end-of-the-year all catwalks have surrender to it, with a pressure and persistence from the most luxury brands, for instance Hermés’ fingerskating, Nike invading with trainers men’ suits, or the newest as Altuzarra with his ‘ready-to-wear’ collections, the ‘sport-á-porter’ …can be named as just some good examples. (take,if you want more, Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 Couture where Karl Lagerfeld ushers in a sportier, less contrived approach to couture dressing with trainers ousting skyscraper heels on the Chanel catwalk. Yes!)

    Punk, grunge’s revival…turned out to be the winter’s trends, as the, at least a try to get it, an evolution from hipsters, which are themselves a display from bohemian&homeless in an eufemistic way of being.
   Anyway, with those mandatory but short-time looks coexist chic,sport-chic,…urff…everything is admited and it is true,more than ever streets are full of estampados,patterns and plane colours mixed with oversize garments and hairstyles in a messy way, well done!

    I’m fed up with this bizarre conjoction among a homeless look and the most stravagant appearance, when fashion can be used always in a trendy but an elegant way of expression. 

I mean, it is a ‘no way’ to fashion’s anarchy, not anything should be admited, let alone in a world where the chance to make your choice is so feasible.

    I’m getting quite confused, I hate it, honestly, that’s untrue, since my thruth is that anything not really trascendent that make myself enjoying mentally, a little bit, what unavoidly involves a noisy confussion inside my brainy little head, for instance this kind of stuff is….marvellous, so…
Here and there it is what would be an easy blogging exercise, examples of what can be wore one day or another, but, my nature comes out with words creating sentences, ending as a ‘for-you-to-read-post’!

 Sorry… or not, but stay here, stay with me!

     Wilde, a man to enjoy, a writer to get over, said:   ‘Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn befor the rest of the world.’

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