A ‘today’s-look’ attempt: black&denim.

Here they are, a pair of tassel loafers, a basic mod and/or gentlemen’s garment for a perfect lady’s Fall outfit.
With that base, smart and casual, it is not a complex challenge, let’s take denim&black.
With fitted jeans and an oversize jumper in a kinda’‘boho’way, but showing a ‘dandy’s look’, so ‘in vogue’, again.





But, combined a navy Levi’s 501 and an amazing brand new jacket, by Banned -let’s take a look to the pin-up & rockabilly store ‘Poison Heart’– is a wink to the fifties, an eternally contemporary time…to some of us.






Something like that, one day,and another, would be an easy, too easy, way to get a post per day, actually.
I can’t get that.
Simply, I can’t. I tried, promise, but the more direct I pretend to do whatever, the more I decorate it, as a need if it has to be shown.

So, even enjoying it, this turned out to be not just a ‘look’ for a Fall’s day but a display of feelings and senses.
have fun!

‘Plan for Future Conduct. (Written by Benjamin Franklin at age 20)
1.It is necessary for me to be extremely frugal for some time, till I have paid what I owe.
2.To endeavor to speak truth in every instance; to give nobody expectations that are not likely to be answered, but aim at sincerity in every word and action-the most amiable excellence in a rational being.
3.To apply myself industriously to whatever business I take in hand, and not divert my mind from my business by any foolish project of suddenly growing rich; for industry and patience are the surest means of plenty.
4.I resolve to speak ill of no man whatever.’


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