Boys on lady’s garment?


     Is there anything more ‘girly’ than a skirt? There is not (well, ok, ok do not talk about lingerie or those garments that are created exclusively for …). 
 Tom Ford,   Givenchy  

And so on one year, and another…      


…Talked about democracy on fashion -Let’s have a look to posts like ‘Boyfriend’s garment on a lady’s look!- …Mmmm…I remember times when you can make up an style and be special, even for a while…
We are living a time where almost everything is admited…so it is not easy to run into a ‘look‘, far away from a too-much-kistch-for-me one, being honest!
   Times of coolhunters walking around and people with something to be shown had their reason in terms of trend. Now behind a screen and through the vast web (and money to get the mandatory object, this is relevant… and a useful tool, too!) is almost made.
Streets seem to me richer on fashion, but poorer on style.

Back to the point…

Men in skirt?
    Every now and then someone wants to carry out equality to the extreme. At least this is the answer I offer to myself any time I watch a model walking on a skirt. It grinds!

     The skirt is common in Eastern cultures, for instance, the sarong in Southeast Asia and other places (pic above), the dhoti wore by Indian men, the shirt and skirt that composes buddhist monk robes (pic above). There is a huge amount of samples about that, very different from Western evolution.
     Anglo-saxons and Normans wore skirt garments. Scotish showing their bravity when celebrate their roots is appropiate, fine, specially if you see someone fitting perfectly the Kilt.
    Greek and Roman men used to wear a form of tunic, the ‘toga’, a distinctive wore only by men and Roman citizens. Nowadays robes are still wore by catholic priests whose vestments are sacramental.
    Ancient Egyptians wore skirts similar to sarongs.
That fashions continued until victorian era, where the preference for sobriety of dress was stronger than any other way of behaviour.
And this is the mandatory trend within the 20th century, the Western male look, mainly business dress is dominated by sober suits, shirts and ties. There is no mistery, just have a look to the Wikipedia -Men in skirts- and you will run into a full history about this. 
So this is only a humble point of view about an obvious result.

    My ‘twist’, the one I intend to offer, whenever I create an ‘in vogue’ post, comes from the aesthete’s view!…
    It is a matter of bussiness, sure, of attention, sure, but c’mon, there is a component of appearence, feel better when being dressed is an unpayable thing.
Instants to be surer, more comfortable, sexier…and here it is, a lady wearing a skirt, a perfectly fit miniskirt can be so special…

“The best efforts of designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and others, the men’s skirt has failed to gain popularity”. Fiona Margaret Wilson (2003), Organizational Behaviour&Gender.
    Meeting the minimun standards, the mandatory within the culture you own to, beyond that, fashion should be spectacle, undoubtely, but translated into a beautiful thing once you wear it and always a gadget to feel better when staring at a mirror.

A man in skirt is…whatever but sexy! No, no, no!

    We are not equal, and that is the most amazing part of nature, enjoying the difference. Get the most of each one to show the other how beautiful we both are.

20130810-143111.jpg(Ava Gadner,vintage witches)

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