Summer ‘comfy’ shoes..yes!


Here they are, just a little window display, – sand included as it is appropriate,oh yes!- of what could be called leisure shoes,and you’ll understand that if you!ve ever wear any of these.


First let’s take the Birkenstock, a german brand of manufactured,cork and rubber, sandals. I was reluctant but once I put them on,with their sole shape under my foot,I decided to feel like a tourist become into a stranger but I got them,and every summer I keep on having the same feeling…and still using them.
I realized they are ‘in vogue’ long time ago but it was reading a blogger I follow – The Xtyle- that I learnt about more recent displays.
Actually they are now kinda’ kirscht garment!

Then, let’s call this a little tribute, the espadrilles, the spanish ‘espardeñas’/alparagatas, shared with some south american countries in shape and origins, used by peasants and the working-class . (Do not get wrong with a bug with the same name, a delicatessen sea product able to regenerate its own guts.)
Maybe its simplicity ( their esparto sole has one cut to the left or right feet, I promise!), maybe the comfort they bring in hot or humid days, or just a question of style is the reason for the biggest brands have succumbed to print their logos on them, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and more.

But they are our product so, another summer, I’m wearing my ‘Made in Spain’ espadrilles!

‘Era capaz de calcular hasta una aproximaciòn de media pulgada la lo gitud exacta de pierna que ella mostraba al ir por la estancia…A veces la sensaciòn de lánguida gravidez le resultaba demasiado intensa y aprovechando un momento en que ella miraba a otra parte,se le ocurría buscar en su belleza algún pequeño defecto en el que apoyar su mente y serenar su imaginaciòn,apagando así la inplacable agitaciòn de sus sentidos.
De vez en cuando tenía la impresiòn de haber hallado con toda seguridad el fallo salvador: una línea dura cerca de la boca…’ King,queen,knave’ extract, Navokov.

Maybe a too much men’s foot. Another good reason to wear espadrilles!


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