The way we live?

     That is the name given to ‘Asturias fashion 2013′, that has been taken place in Gijón -which would have been, most properly said, its name-, using a little part of the huge and amazing Laboral, ‘ciudad de la cultura‘, as a headquarters.

   Recurrent, laconic but not enough as a slogan to move the mass…unless that weren’t a goal…at all!.
    That is my impression once I spent my scarce free-time in one of the best possible locations, another thing far from well-planned, apart from a couple of pics within quite basic or not impressive ‘looks‘ – c’mon, when you have a sunny and blue sky day in Asturias, a patio like the Laboral’s one, with that staircase under the statue of ‘La Santina‘ at the pick of an actually-ex-sacred but still atonishing church, which improves the kinda’ irreverent and a banal moment, and sorrounded by the whole compendium of statues and gargoyles of saints-. It is a place to use, much more if it is taken into account there were not much more than people already part of the event.
    Round tables (too short and endogamic, considering their titles), fashion-shows (a bit lacked of dynamism, considering the theatre they have as a catwalk.), the Urban camp (with a table where women were knitting, smiling and knitting the whole time, colourful wool, busy hands… Marvellous!), a coolhunter that I enjoyed since he knows what is going on and how to transmit (his name is Javier Plazas, if It can be said). 


20130708-092705.jpg (Here there is a funny paradox: whereas I was listening to coming up trends and the importance of the street style…bla bla…just a couple of km away from our location an sports & recreation event was happening -Vive el deporte-, richer in looks, trends, ways of life lived. Interesting!)

By this time I reinforced something I knew, fashion is more than a bussiness, it is an instrument to understand, or at least to see the flow that is being followed, never by accident nor just a way to dress up, but a window display of our society, generations and their behaviours.
It is an effect from the moment lived, always a reaction. 

    And it is right here where I find it so special and ‘cool’!

     Bloggers, egobloggers, autobloggers…wow..I’m getting bored, I do not know what to do what to make what name should me, myself, give to me, oh yes!, a name to define and clarify …to whom it may concern…what is what I do using a wordpress site. 
Mmm, maybe I wont get the ‘trafic’, let alone the followers needed – still do not know what for…but I realiced that it’s something important.-, but I need to keep my time here fresh.
   If I share with you, the one and only, I promise not the best but a pure point of view. Jiji!

    Some pretty things, not a lot learnt, but a walk through the Laboral turned out to be really worthy as a summer starter!



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