Convictions & friendship

Sea's frienshipI’m not convinced, no…

   ‘Kinda blogger’ it is not the one that post some stuff, nooo, that must be a matter of ‘ego‘. – have you realiced  ‘ego’ sounds like ‘higo’ which in spanish a fruit really really special? I have …and there’s a possibility this reflection had been written not in my mothertongue just as a result of that…or not!-
   What if not one’s own goût would post and expose the things or words that have been kept inside?
Babe, come on, shut up for a while & try to enhance it!
   Once you hurt , hurt remains.
Promise, this was the primitive title, but then life and inspiration, meaning ‘my muse’…jiji…
   About friendship…
It is , for me, for me the lady who creates this blog with the personal and so naïve purpose of get the dose of freedom she needs to go on…Do not digress babe!…friendship is an effort, yes, a worthy effort, but an effort. 
The more you know someone the more you want her/him happiness … Gsus, as much as It is wanted to oneself. So you run into a risk.
I used to forget they have their lives quite separate from my own life, which is the fun thing of all this, chances to enjoy other experiences, to share moments, the bad, but the good as well, actually feeding oneself from their good news… and knowing it becomes hard to recognize each one grows up in a personal and interior way so that not always comes out hand by hand.
    A chat with a recently recovered friend made me realized there are values so deeply installed inside that are beyond any argument or conviction. 
Respect, love, admiration, envy, lust, greed, rage, pride… hedonism, Proust vs Cartesian’s spirit, let’s say Gongora vs Quevedian’s flow…
Does not matter whether you know yours or not, whether you care from them or leave them stay, they build up who you are.
Those are the things that strengthen a relationship.
Loyalty has turned out to be the queen of my rocks…discovered almost by accident but a fact able to destroy just everything.
No definition is needed, it is the look into other’s eye, face off, saying ‘stay with me here right now with no questions with no doubts, do this, do it only because I ask you to do it!’.
    No one knows if loyalty is part of oneself until an answer.
    No one knows if loyalty is a value until a need of a question.

Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. 
It is more than the government.
It is almost the equal of family.- don corleone.
The godfather.
…to each smile I won, Gon!
…to the ‘Vega’s, happily Pablo, arrival!


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