Vans’ & leopard details


boy leopard printused leopard print berlin leopard print& iphone case


store at Montera,Madrid

oh yes!

It is quite hard to walk without running into a pair of vans’ sneakers…let’s say they are quite good at walking, but it doesn’t matter,they are ‘cool’ and that’s a ‘must’.

Skaters say they wear them years and years ago … and it is true. Since 1966 in California where they were created. It is a fact I adore felines. So it’s easy I enjoy leopard print,so trendy and so permanent …but vans’leopard print is …gsus…is…recurrent!

Sunglasses included, of course. Such a ‘must’ as a complement!

Then , they have such an special marketing…(refered to the pic above, which shows the Vans’ Madrid store, located in a kinda’ trendy street of the capital.)


hey hey! something different than leopard is coming up,it looks like the next step…snakes are here this fall!




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